One of the key elements of running a production company or an apparel line is the packaging and fulfillment, which is also an important part of your branding experience. With the majority of shopping being done online these days, having packaging that represents your brand well and differentiates you from other brands is essential.

You can easily find cheap and reliable packaging for your products that look nice, but if you are willing to go the extra mile to make it more personalized, there are several easy and affordable options to make that happen.

Here at Industry Threadworks we use the typical Uline box which comes pretty cheap, but we went ahead and purchased a custom branded stamp from so that we could stamp each side of the box with our logo.

Though this may take a little more time to package a product, it is really only a few seconds for a more custom presentation. Additionally, we write a handwritten note on the packing slip to let the customer know that we appreciate them and their business. When the customer receives their package, they can easily tell that the packaging is custom, hand done, and that the person spent some time on it. This creates a different perception of your brand as well as creates a deeper connection between you and the customer. Simple things like this don’t cost much or take much time yet can add a lot of value.

This would typically be good to try to implement when you are starting out and maybe shipping 1-20 orders a day. Once you begin to scale your business and shipping higher volumes, the small amount of extra time tends to add up which means you may want to move to pre-printed bags or boxes that have your logo so you can keep the personalized feel, but save some time.

Bottom line is you want to match where you are at in the business with where you are wanting to go. When a customer receives a package from you, they want the same experience they were expecting when they saw your products online, when they talked to you through DM, emailed you, placed an order on your website, all the way up until the point when they receive the package and wear the item they ordered. At this point, they have become part of your community and your brand.

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