More Human than Human Resources

An innovative take on HR, the removal of the idea that it is all about the business. The creation of the "Heart Officer" position at Industry Threadworks has led to happier and more productive PEOPLE! Yes, they are employees, but seeing them as more than that is the key to connectivity among staff and allows for a better understanding of what they need to be successful.

Creating the Heart Officer position has been an exciting development for our company as we continue to grow and expand our team. Now I am sure you are all wondering, what does a Heart Officer do? How does that differ from your typical HR? And how does this benefit the company, as well as provide profitability?

On behalf of Industry Threadworks, I am here to answer all of those questions! Not only that, I can tell you from personal experience, I am incredibly thankful for all the things our Heart Officer Luc does for us.

What is a Heart Officer?

The quote "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" is a great reference. Luc Abraham is our Heart Officer, and his goal is to be the outlet for all staff members to go to about ANYTHING. And as I mentioned earlier, Luc is here to not only see each of us as an employee but as a person. He is available at all times for people to come to him if they are struggling, work-related or not! Whether you are looking to vent, get advice, talk about life, or are interested in exploring a new position within the company, he is here to listen or help work toward a solution together.

Why should companies consider having a Heart Officer?

It shows the staff they are cared for, and their voices are heard. Not only that, but it adds a layer of connection and heart that your typical HR position is missing. HR can often have a negative connotation because they may be only there on behalf of the company. On the other hand, a heart officer humanizes it, allows for more one on one contact and openness. Additionally, it is critical that close bonds are still made as you bring on more staff, you can continue to connect with everyone when it comes to growing a company. Having a Heart Officer keeps open lines of communication between the team and their supervisors so that we are always working together to come up with solutions quickly and effectively.

What does the day to day of a Heart Officer look like?

The day to day is always changing! Luc's day is variable depending on what comes up throughout the day and what is happening in the office. He is always available if someone needs to take a walk or talk to him about something, and he is also available to step into any role if different departments need an extra set of hands. His extensive knowledge of each department and each employee's role makes him an excellent asset for anyone who may feel overwhelmed by their workload or simply need an outside perspective to help develop a solution.

Aside from that, Luc also works to develop different ways to make the staff feel more connected and add some fun to our day. That can look like grabbing a few random team members to take a break for about 30 minutes, hang out together, and talk about whatever we want to talk about! This is a great way to clear your head for a little bit and spend some time with different employees and better understand each other.

How having a Heart Officer has improved our office culture?

The staff feels more connected, and communication has dramatically improved! Being able to have a consistent outlet for anything and everything has allowed for more successful and productive employees and made it far easier to solve problems right away.  

We are always trying to find ways to grow, which would be impossible without the support of the team. We are looking forward to the constant evolution of the Heart Officer, as well as the relationships among the people at ITW!

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