One of the best parts of living in the age of social media is being able to easily promote your products for free! However, with the number of users and businesses promoting organically through platforms like Instagram, it’s necessary to know how to create product photos that not only catch the user’s eyes but that also represent your brand well!

Anyone can take a crappy photo on an iPhone 2, or throw a photoshopped mockup on a white backdrop, but does that actually represent your brand? You might have a super cool product, but how will consumers know if you don’t emphasize that through your content?

We are going to give you 4 simple tips that will help with sales, make your pictures look better, and tell your brand story better.

Tip 1: Align your brand’s photos with brand’s story.

Your brand story is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are thinking about product photography. It’s essential that your content aligns well with your brand and represents your products well! For example, if you are an automotive or garage style brand, you may want to do product pictures in a garage. Or maybe you are an adventure brand, you want to take some pictures of someone rocking your gear and running up a mountain. People love wearing things that show people what they are all about, which is why your product photography should easily show people what you are about.

Tip 2: Use your local area for a photoshoot.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy set in order to get a killer product photo. You can easily just go outside and find a lot of great backdrops and props laying around that you can get creative with.

Tip 3: Work on the aesthetics of your brand.

Having a cool, aesthetically pleasing Instagram is a great way to show off your products and your brand. In order to do this, we want to make sure we stage the photos well and make them look good!

For example, today we are taking pictures of a Valhalla Wear camo hat. Their brand is all about being patriotic, hardworking, and getting your hands dirty. We can simply find a rugged wooded area to stage our product and play around with some different angles and positioning. You don’t want to only focus on eye level photos, make sure you are getting some from low to the ground, or even from above. Again, get creative with your photos! You always want to be looking for new different ways to photograph products and keep it interesting.

Tip 4: Post Production!

Once you get plenty of photos, you will want to do some simple editing to make sure they are looking good. First you want to go through all of the photos, and maybe choose 5 or so that you like the most and want to edit. Generally speaking, you want to have way more photos than you need, so even if you only use 1 out of 100 you have a lot of options to choose from and can make sure you get the right image. There are plenty of user-friendly editing platforms you can use, we typically use Lightroom to make edits. You want to focus on finding the right combination of exposure, clarity, contrast, highlights, and shadows. Additionally, you will want to make sure the focus of the picture is the product, so any things in the background that are distracting may need to be edited out. 

Remember it is important that there is consistency in your photos, as they are an extension of your brand. Have some fun with it and use your product photos to show people what you are all about!

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