The Pizza and Beer Theory aka "The Paradox of Choice"

Often times in the early stages of building a business. A business owner is faced with an ambitious plan of feeling the need to please as many people as they can by providing multiple purchasing option in hopes to boost sales, thus investing in a wide spectrum of products/services choices for their customers to choose from. We refer to this as The Pizza and Beer theory or in other words "The Paradox of Choice". 

   In a party scenario, if you ask 100 people what they want for pizza and beer, you'll get 100 different answers. If you just show up with a stack of pepperoni pizza and Coors Light, you'll sell out of everything.

      Don't overcomplicate things. Giving your customers a ton of options seems like a great idea, and it can be important in some businesses and markets, but in the majority of situations, it just ends up confusing the customer and they end up leaving before making a decision. Give them a few, good options, but don't overwhelm them.

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