About Us

Industry Threadworks began as the business owners' trusted source for apparel production - after over a decade of experience streamlining production, art creation, branding, and marketing in our team, we've added exclusive resources and capabilities that help take our clients' brands to the next level.

Our primary focus is managing Private Label apparel production for a variety of other brands and businesses. And while we carefully oversee production of the products, we also constantly look for ways to help scale up their businesses. We provide unique insight and feedback across a wide variety of markets, conduct research & development of new products... all while freeing up the business owner to do what they do best - run their business.
We approach apparel and branding from both the brand owner's perspective, as well as the manufacturer's perspective - this unique blend allows us to help you get the quality and consistency you deserve.
You tell us what you want, product arrives to you the way you expect it to. Reliability. Quality. Consistency. Again and again - across your entire brand.

We're your A to Z go-to source for everything your brand needs to scale up.

Contact us to see what we can do for your brand!