Much More Than Warehouse Space

Your merchandise deserves to be handled with care and managed with respect. We get that. From meticulous storage and competitively timed fulfillment to customer service that matches the voice of your business, our 5,200 sq. ft. warehouse is the perfect home for your wares. Our team boasts incredible attention to detail on everything from custom packaging to how best to sign off on a customer email. We focus on the heavy lifting so you can focus on your vision.

Peace of mind is no longer a luxury, it's a reality.

Precise & Rapid Fulfillment

Order fulfillment will no longer be a worry while our team has your back. Orders will be shipped out on a rapid timeline free of error as soon as they come in.

Meticulous SKU System

Inventory management has never been easier. With ShipHero and Shopify, we integrate with your e-commerce platform and use a seamless SKU system to accurately track your sales.

Curated Customer Service

There's customer service teams and then there's us. No matter what inquiries arise, we'll handle them all while not only being professional, but also mirroring the voice of your brand.

Some Fulfillment Features Include:

  • 5,200 sq. ft. facility kept spotless and organized
  • Full integration with most major e-commerce platforms
  • Quick and accurate order completion
  • Customized brand packaging
  • Custom 'Thank You' notes, pack-ins, labeling
  • Accurate inventory with a full SKU system
  • Customer service team that maintains the voice of your business

"Industry Threadworks has been incredible to work with! They helped us design just the right thing for our market, were patient with our many edit requests and then delivered the order on a very tight deadline. We couldn't be happier with their service and will definitely use them again in the future!"

- Gym Gypsy

"Industry Threadworks has truly been awesome to work with. They know what they are doing and they always have insightful input on projects. They stick to their timelines and stand by their products. I've never had to listen to some automated customer service robot on the phone and they are quick to reply to emails. Their pricing is competitive and they have a vested interest in helping their customers crush it. They are always willing to answer questions and brainstorm ideas with the customer. And if I need something outside their lane, they work with us to figure out how to accomplish it. Stand-up people from a stand-up company."

- Valhalla Wear

"Streamlining through Industry Threadworks has made life much easier! The quality and turnaround time has been awesome and the personal attention is amazing!"

- Social Syndicate