Who We Are

We're your A to Z go-to source for everything your brand needs to scale up. We approach apparel and branding from both the brand owner's perspective, as well as the manufacturer's perspective - this unique blend allows us to help you get the quality and consistency you deserve. You tell us what you want, product arrives to you the way you expect it to. Reliability. Quality. Consistency. Again and again - across your entire brand.


Industry Threadworks is constantly growing and evolving to better service our clients and their markets. Our team of highly-qualified and skilled individuals are dedicated to bringing the best in customer service and product knowledge in the world.


From the brainstorm to design, to printing and fulfillment, we design a seamless production process. Our clients share their creative visions and through open communication we turn their concepts and vision to reality.


Industry Threadworks is not just another vendor in your arsenal; we are your full-service partner invested in the growth of your business, brand, and vision.


We are proud to be a veteran-owned company who serves a variety of clients from small businesses and veteran-owned brands to multinational corporations and non-profit organizations.



With approximately 30k units printed per day and specialization in water based and discharge printing, private labeling, full graphic design capabilities, as well as custom embroidery and sewing services, we are proud to support your brand's needs.


ITW supports your vision through every step of our curated brand development processes; Together we create and grow your unique brand image through innovative design, insightful analysis, and thoughtful product development.


We offer eCommerce Fulfillment, Retail Fulfillment, Subscription Box Fulfillment, Crowdfunding Fulfillment, Custom Kitting & Packaging, & Customer Service Solutions, all under one roof at our sister company -- Archive Fulfillment Solutions.




Our integrative Production and Brand Management teams anchor your vision and bring it to life.



Your unique vision dynamically paired with our attention to detail, world-class quality, and expansive multi-market experience are the foundations that you can confidently build your brand upon.



In the ever-changing global landscape, it is imperative to have a team with reliability at its heart for your brand. ITW is proud of the clients we serve and the reputation we continue to uphold year after year.



Check out some of the brands who have chosen Industry Threadworks as their production partner:

Lions Not Sheep

Lions Not Sheep is a representation of family, growth, authenticity, and integrity - A true movement in which there are two choices in life: To LEAD or be LED.


Matbock is a Veteran-owned company whose mission is to provide lighter practical equipment and apparel for fellow warriors to use in every environment.

We Go Home

We Go Home is a movement dedicated to highlighting the raw perseverance the men & women in blue, first responders, and military endure physically and mentally to exceed the standard, and ultimately - to return home.


Chaturbate creates an accepting community for adults to make connections through interactive live-streaming services.

Wet Sounds

Wet Sounds is a Veteran-owned audio company based out of Texas providing its customers with award-winning sound and high-quality stereo systems that compliment one’s soundtrack for all of life’s adventures.

30 Seconds Out

30 Seconds Out’s military roots foster the belief in self-reliance and feed those who have an appetite for adventure. Founder, Sean Evangelista, states this ‘drives our mindset and vision to improve ourselves and those around us’.

We Defy The Norm

Owner & Operator, Cody Alford, founded We Defy through embracing his truth & his journey in transitioning from Operator to Civilian. We Defy is built to pave the path for individuals ready to work to be the best version of themselves.


Superfood crafters that cultivate fuel for movement through naturally healthy and delicious bowls!

Nomadic Research

The story of Nomadic Research® began in the heart of Afghanistan. With the Global War On Terror as the backdrop, our founders shared outdoor adventure stories over coffee and around the fire. They identified a need for a company that produced remarkable products and reflected values of patriotism, individual responsibility, and the freedom of the great outdoors. With those ideals, Nomadic Research® was established in 2017.

Ruckus Company

Ruckus Company produces streetwear apparel and accessories for the heavy hitters and risk takers who believe life is too short to let fear control their decisions.

SC Irregulars

SC Irregulars is a Veteran-owned company that specializes in non-standard equipment and apparel for those who go against the grain of life.

Wanderlust Skulls

Woman-owned Etsy Creator & Brand that offers artistically curated longhorn and buffalo skulls for the Western wanderlust.


A land where the trucks are lifted and burnout events are crazy, Dieselr celebrates truck enthusiasts that live life in the fast lane.

Sons of Liberty GunWorks

Sons Of Liberty GunWorks is a highly technical and innovative firearms manufacturer that specializes in custom M4 and MK 10 Rifles.

Sunga Life

Veteran Founded & Navy SEAL Operated, Sunga Life is all about freedom! Their swimwear captures the essence and flavor of Brazil while displaying the individuality, self-confidence, and Patriotism of the Red, White, and Blue.

Warfighter Athletic

Warfighter Athletic, founded and operated in New Zealand, enhances the pursuit of excellence through synergistic high performance physical training systems and tactical apparel solutions.

Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett is one of the top business leaders, peak performance experts, and global keynote speakers in the world today. While many leaders and speakers just “talk the talk,” Ed is a team-made millionaire who has built one of the most prolific financial service businesses the world has ever seen.

Triangle Rock Club

Veteran-owned rock climbing company and clothing brand that creates a community and gives an outlet for those with a passion for rock climbing.

Mizzen + Main

Look great. Feel even better. Mizzen+Main is an American clothing company that specializes in high-quality performance menswear that combines performance fabrics with modern silhouettes to create comfortable clothes that come with confidence.

Conundrum Outfitters

Veteran-owned outdoors brand that curates Apparel and gear for the rugged, untamed, and self-reliant.

The Camp Transformation Center

A gym that offers workouts, nutrition plans, qualified trainers, and creates a positive supportive community that makes you feel part of a family.

Echelon Front

Founded by legendary Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink, Echelon Front applies unmatched leadership in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams. Echelon Front's mission is to educate, train, mentor, and empower leaders and organizations to achieve total victory.

Gatorz Eyewear

Optics company with a 30+ year history of technical innovation and performance for extreme sports activities and tactical situations.

Tactical Shit

Tactical preparation headquarters for all SHTF & EOTW scenarios - Ammo, gear, medical, holsters and firearms, Tactical Shit is the premier provider for preppers worldwide.

Battle Bars

An idea born on the battlefield, created to provide a premium source of fuel to the nation’s fighting forces, now brought home to change the status quo. Backed by their commitment to never use artificial sweeteners and only the cleanest ingredients, Battle Bars believes that real change starts with the fuel that we put in our bodies - Battle Bars is here to fuel your fight.

SEAL Future Foundation

SEAL Future Foundation encompasses much more than helping SEALs transition - It provides the support necessary to realize their full potential and to continue to serve their new communities, families and employers with the same passion and commitment they had in the teams.

Threat Llama

A veteran-owned apparel company catered to the Nerds, the Gamers, the Lifters, the Drinkers and the Everyman - Threat Llama signifies the unique blend of comfort and style that literally everyone can align with.

One More Wave

One More Wave’s mission is to provide wounded and disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment and a community to surf with. By equipping veterans and connecting them to their global network of surfing volunteers, One More Wave empowers them to heal through surf therapy from coast to coast.

American Yogi LLC

Veteran-owned and operated, American Yogi helps men and women find a path to peace through meditative yoga while fighting against social stigmas.


Unevolve is the lifestyle brand behind Everbowl, where the philosophy is to go back to the healthy basics & purest level of existence: To move and eat the way we were meant to and to eat foods that provide fuel for movement.


Behind The Brand: Battle Bars
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Behind The Brand: Ronin Tactics


“Industry Threadworks provides a service that is unmatched”

Rory Tonkin

Owner of Hard To Kill Fitness