Behind The Brand: Battle Bars

Behind The Brand: Battle Bars

Welcome to our newest blog edition of Behind The Brand!

This week's feature is a delicious one, and one with a brand vision & mission you'll want to get behind. We are proud to feature Battle Bars as not only a client, but an inspiration into how a truly American-run business from the ground-up operates.
Let’s go down memory lane and revive some nostalgic goodness we call a Rice Krispies Treat: Remember that coveted metallic blue wrapper you’d find stashed in your lunch sack in grade school? You know, the one your mom packed below all of the healthy items – the sandwich, raisins and carrots?


Seeing that glimmer of azure made your day and you would immediately grin from ear to ear. You’d reach in your bag, knocking everything else in it out of your path, and grasp it quietly so none of the other kids heard the distinctive crinkling, tactfully avoiding nonsensical sharing of the delicious confection soon to be yours.

It's now in your hands and you peel the wrapper off, exposing the chewy, marshmallow-y treat and take a big whiff of its goodness. You can’t skip the whiff, it’s sacrilege to.

You take a bite and the warmth of the pastry consumes you and you’re in a bout of heaven, the texture and flavor is a melody in your mouth.

Fast forward 20 years and that treat is as good as artificial sugars and sweeteners fattening you up and serving zero nutritional advantages - Ouch

This is where Battle Bars comes in, and man do they give you that nostalgia as an adult with ALL the added benefits of hitting your macros and avoiding those pesky preservatives and artificial ingredients.

With healthy ingredients in mind, Battle Bars Founder Ian Sparks set out with the intention of re-creating the nostalgic Rice Krispies Treat in a way that was true to the brand’s mission:

"Empower Americans to have pride in what they put in their bodies, and how we represent our communities together".

With that, Battle Bars was born.

We had the pleasure of having an interview with Battle Bars' CEO, Alex Witt, and he detailed the inspiration behind Battle Bars with ease:
"Inspiration is easy --- anyone who has served overseas in the military has had to choke down Cliff Bars and chalky/loaded with artificial sweetener bars that leave you feeling unsatisfied. We wanted to make something nostalgic in taste – what better than a Rice Krispies Treat!"
The military is deeply rooted in Battle Bars, as both Sparks (Army) and Witt (Navy) have served tours across the Middle East, so ensuring the bars met macros to fuel our overseas men and women was a critical mission.

"Fuel Your Fight"

this became their new tagline.

Along with the military forming the basis of their inspiration, part of Witt's and Sparks' mission is to serve their charity - Operation Enduring Warrior, a veteran-founded and 100% volunteer-based non‐profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded military and law enforcement veterans through physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation.

 Witt feels there are 3 core things to run a good business - 'An excellent product, a talented team, and a great mission'

"Knowing a portion of each bar we sell goes to their team is rewarding as hell. I saw it firsthand. People who have served come to their events with zero confidence, no eye contact, or communicative skills. They leave the event feeling like a contributing member of society. They look us in the eyes. It is pretty special." - Witt

Let's get into the delicious Battle Bars themselves - We asked Witt "What makes Battle Bars protein bars different from other protein bars"? 

"Taste and mission.  There is really nothing like eating a Battle Bar and we see it in our 10k+ 5-star reviews.  We want people to feel like they are getting a treat without all the loaded sugars and artificial garbage out there. All flavors have been created via customer demand."

With flavors like Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, Blueberry and S'mores, it's no wonder why they're such a hit!

We asked Witt where he sees Battle Bars 5 years from now, he stated 'In 5 Years, I expect Battle Bars to be a +$100MM company that has a staff of Veterans and our charity surpasses $1mm in donations directly from us existing. We have so many irons in the fire and too many great people in our corner for it to not happen. That is not me being arrogant --- that is me being obsessed with our brand and our customers. That is our customers' demand - a better tasting and better for-you product with a feel-good story they want to be a part of with each order'.

One of the reasons we love working with Battle Bars is their passion for their customers and their community - there's no sacrifice in either corner and they are dedicated to only give the best, which is also why their bars are 100% American sourced.

'We will always buy American and real ingredients.... because... Why the hell wouldn’t we? There are opportunities to go the cheaper route and add points to our margins.....but that is not who we are. We will never sacrifice quality for margin. EVER.' 

'We have learned A TON. I am proud as hell of our resolve as a team. It is crazy hard to start a business... it's even harder to scale it.

Our team motto is FITFO – Figure it the f*ck out and we have been doing that since day one. We have, quite literally, been going door to door to expand our product. While this is tough – it has worked! Hundreds of 7-11 Stores, partnerships with the UFC, and major gym chains are now carrying our bars. It is cool to see Americans aligned with our mission/vision and demand better for-you & better-tasting snacks.'

Witt's FITFO motto has taken off so well, that it has now transcended into not only a gym, but an actual movement - that movement is 10.40.10.

'10.40.10 was started for fun. I'd build a gym for our employees at Battle Bars and have a cool domain to myself to just crank the music and create my own style of fitness in a structured fashion...... that has turned into 3 locations and an (almost complete) app called “Train American” which allows for users to work out in our exact format from home while utilizing our technology to ensure form and safety. Our mission – is to take back what it means to be an American through safe and intelligent fitness.'

With all that wrapped under the Battle Bars team of Sparks and Witt, it's no wonder they've seen the success of the brand grow into a staple product in thousands of customer's homes here at home in the U.S., and abroad internationally with customers and our men and women in uniform. What's not to love about their ingredients, their stories and their mission, it's something everyone can get behind and enjoy the taste of along the journey.


We thank Alex Witt and Ian Sparks for their time in sharing their stories and goals with us here at ITW. The variety of clients we get to work with is truly something spectacular, and we're grateful to share them with you.

To check out Battle Bars, follow their social media and visit their webpage, links below:

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