Behind The Brand: Wanderlust Skulls

Behind The Brand: Wanderlust Skulls

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We were lucky enough to get the chance to learn more about the story and inspiration behind Wanderlust Skulls by speaking to Cassie Everson-Martin, the creator and creative artist behind Wanderlust Skulls and we are thrilled to be able to share Cassie and her brand with you!

Wanderlust Skulls stands for individuality, originality, and creativity. Cassie’s creations are not what society has known as the ‘traditional skull art’. She calls her work “a modern abstract edge to a traditional western art”, and we definitely agree.

She creates art for those who are built and build differently. She wants others to remember, no matter how difficult something is to create, if you have patience and consistency, it will all come together and become something beautiful. She wants to inspire others to “do hard things”.

Wanderlust Skulls represents creative freedom and embraces the desire to do better than you did yesterday -- Every day is a chance to learn more and improve on what you have been working towards.

Cassie believes inspiration is involved in everyday life, and she says she finds her greatest inspiration by “living life”. It might come from daily conversations with others, shared stories, the places you travel, and even the music you listen to. Inspiration can be found everywhere - it’s up to you to find it and feel it. Each of her unique designs come from a combination of these things.

Wanderlust Skulls focuses largely on big art pieces, but Cassie does offer a variety of other items; from beanies and hoodies to hand painted jean jackets and leather wristlets. One of our favorite treats Cassie creates during the holiday season are her hand-crafted ornaments that are released every November and December! 

When someone purchases a Wanderlust Skulls art piece, Cassie encourages that the new owner feels inspired to find that sense of joy and to attack their dreams. She wants them to be a pillar of their badassery and go take that trip they’ve been putting off -- After all, the term ‘wanderlust’ does mean a strong desire to travel!

Cassie believes:

“it’s a sense of understanding that the piece is what you needed to remind you that you can tackle life in all forms”

And Cassie would love the owner to feel a sense of pride in what they have invested in.

Wanderlust Skulls is all about authenticity. When asked what authenticity means to her, Cassie said it best:

“Authenticity is doing what you say and saying what you do.
To live and show up the same way no matter where you
and what you are doing. It is being open and honest
about both 
the hardships and wins.”

Through experience, she has seen individuals think that the way they act online should be a filtered version of who they are. One of the greatest compliments she has received, is that when she is met in person, she is the exact same as how she presents herself online.

One of the things we love is that Wanderlust Skulls ethically sources their skulls – and Cassie takes great pride in this process.

Cassie feels the greatest part about her art is that she gets to work with farmers and ranchers who take great care in the production of their animals. Once the animal has lived its lifespan, the farmers and ranchers reach out to Cassie because they know this is where Cassie shines – She gets to step in and essentially help the animals “live on” as an art piece. The skulls she uses would otherwise have been used as a byproduct. She thoroughly cleans them by using many different taxidermy methods. Once this is complete, the next step is creating her art. 

We have pictured below Cassie’s favorite skull she has designed that holds a special place in her heart.

Cassie describes this piece of art as the first time she had made a major investment on a skull. The shape of this skull’s horns is becoming a rarity. Longhorn breeders breed for horn length (especially long and straight), not forward-facing curves. This creation also signifies the turning point where Cassie began to believe that she could sell high-end art pieces to clients. 

Currently, Wanderlust Skulls is a one-woman show. However, Cassie hopes in 5 years’ time she can have 2-3 employees to help with different tasks that will allow her to focus on the creative side of things (create art pieces, marketing, customer service, etc.). She aspires to be the “first individual to create a million-dollar skull art business and be known as the premier artist to purchase longhorn and buffalo skull art from”.

If you’re looking for a statement piece that is hand-crafted, made from love, and created to bring out your own inner potential and badass, be sure to check out Wanderlust Skulls:

Instagram: @wanderlustskulls


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