#IndustryMade: PVC Patches

#IndustryMade: PVC Patches

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This week's feature - Production!
PVC Patches

Polyvinyl Chloride, or better known as "PVC", comes in two forms - rigid and flexible. Rigid primarily being used for construction, and flexible being the choice substitute for anything rubber could potentially be used for - like patches!

Unlike working with art files for apparel that are 2D, since PVC is a thicker substance we use mold drawings and look at the file in layers on a sagittal (cross-section) plane. This allows for control and creativity in the density of the overall patch we're creating for our clients.

In the image above, the overall base thickness of this PVC patch is 2.0mm thick, and the full thickness will be close to 4.0mm thick and is comprised of 3 layers in total. This particular patch is rectangular in shape, and the notches in the lighter blue at the top and bottom denote a border indentation closely aligned with the perimeter of the entire patch.

The orange is the layer that sticks out the most, thereby depicting that it will be the section of the patch at the 4.0mm thickness.

Once the mold drawing has been made and reviewed by our internal Brand Management team and ensure it aligns with what the client is wanting to achieve, the drawing moves forward into the production phase, where we make a single patch and review prior to proceeding with the entire order. 


Here we have production sample photos from a recent PO - Notice the 3D effect achieved in each design aspect of the patch and compare it to the mold drawing image above, you can see how each area in the drawing corresponds to the physical patch sample in the photo.

PVC patches are unique in this manner compared to embroidered or woven, which are more flat/2D-feeling and looking. PVC is a bit more fun in this regard, as you can play with texture a bit more.

AXIX Clothing Co. PVC Patches

There's no limit to the shape or size of these patches - while we're featuring a rectangular shape that's 2"x3", we can do circular, star-shaped, even a custom lego shaped figurine as depicted below, and as big as 8"x10"!

Hotshot Brewing PVC Patch

Patches are popular accessories not only for your patch-collecting aficionado customer, but also to adorn onto hats, backpacks, duffels, hoodies, denim, uniforms - the list goes on.

Production time takes roughly 2 weeks and these offer a great way for your customers to take part in your brand for a low-investment price to them, something they'll appreciate and a great marketing tool for you.

Echelon Front PVC Patches


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