About Us/Mission

We do a lot of things here at Industry Threadworks, but to put it simply, our primary focus is to help brands and companies create apparel products that fit with their vision & market, and then deliver them accurately and on time.

It seems like a very simple concept, and it is, yet if you've ordered shirts from other places before, you've likely heard of, or experienced, cringe worthy stories about poor quality, bad performance and frustrating lack of communication.

Our job is to make your job easier.

We manage our client's production processes from top to bottom, allowing them to get back to their primary business of growing and steering their own company, rather than getting bogged down with production issues. 

There are a variety of ways we do this. Each client has different needs and challenges, as well as different markets. Our job is to evaluate all of those things and deliver a consistent, quality product, that makes our client's customers happy, so they keep coming back for more.

Please contact us to see what we can do for your brand.