About Us/Mission

We do a lot of things here at Industry Threadworks, but our primary focus is managing Private Label apparel production for other brands and companies, while helping them scale up their business.

We are not a print shop, although we work with a number of high volume suppliers across the United States. 

We approach apparel from a brand owner's perspective (you). Having been one for many years ourselves, we understand the frustrations that come from dealing direct with print shops: i.e. lack of communication, dropped deadlines, poor quality control, and if/when things don't go right, there's typically a lot of finger pointing, and very little accountability.

What we do is handle all of that from A to Z, and because we work with such a large number of clients across many different markets, it gives us a much broader experience range than any single print shop or brand. We then draw on that experience to make suggestions to our clients on a variety of things, from blank selection, to sizing ratios, social media strategies, customer service protocols, IP management, etc.

As any brand owner can attest, the list of things that come up is literally endless, and we have the unique perspective of seeing what does, and does not work, across a variety of markets.

We help our clients by taking care of production, which then frees them up to get back to their primary business of growing and steering their company.

We're able to offer these services at rates that are comparable with most regular print shops, because we leverage our large order volume to secure competitive private label package rates with our suppliers.

Please contact us to see what we can do for your brand.