Grow Past Direct-to-Garment

Production quality no longer consistent at high volume with direct-to-garment? Want to regulate sizing and inventory as your brand scales? Want to customize more like neck labels and branded packaging? The team here at Industry Threadworks is happy to work with you to find a custom solution that will not only fit your budget, but also provides a wide range of customization options and guaranteed quality on every unit.

Filling out the form on the next page will put you in contact directly with one of our client care specialists (yes, an actual person) that will work with you through every step of the ordering process and beyond to ensure you're provided the best solution possible with 100% satisfaction.

Some Brands We Work With:

Quality Even At High Volume

As your order volume scales, it's vital that quality stays consistent with that scaling. Direct-to-garment is great when starting out, but screen printing not only offers a price break, it delivers consistency even at high numbers.

Accurate Inventory Forecasting

Want to get more accurate pictures of inventory and be better able to plan for various releases? We'll help map out sizing ratios and inventory so that what you have in stock is best suited for your audience.

Wider Range of Customization

Tired of only being able to print your designs on certain garments? Screen printing isn't restricted to certain garments in the same way direct-to-garment is. You'll have more freedom to expand your brand and flex your creativity.

Our Services At A Glance:

  • Fully Customizable Screen Printing Beyond Just Shirts
  • Dedicated Client Care Specialist for Your Brand
  • Rapid Order Fulfillment and Warehousing
  • Custom Branded Packaging
  • Customer Service Specific to Your Brand
  • Trend and Style Advising
  • Access to a Large Network of Manufacturers
  • Rapid Response Time and Creative Problem Solving
  • And Much More!