What we do

Industry Threadworks manages Private Label apparel production for a variety of brands and businesses. 

Simply stated, our goal is to help our clients build their dreams.

We not only have experience creating & selling multiple apparel lines of our own, we've also helped some of our clients scale up from 5 and 6 figure brands well into the multi million dollar range. 

Jumping from $100k in annual sales to $1M+ in a year is difficult, but we've helped many clients achieve that, and beyond. We know the formula, and we show our clients the steps to take.

We advise on everything from social media strategies, to IP/Trademark issues, business and financial structure, sales data analytics, setting up fulfillment systems, customer service protocols, etc.

As a brand owner, you have options of who you give your business to, that's why perspective and communication are key for us: we know the struggles you're facing, and made it our mission to provide the services to help you scale. 

With a proven track record & an unmatched depth of experience, we're here for you. Perspective you can't find anywhere else.