Behind The Brand: Ruckus Streetwear Clothing Co.

Behind The Brand: Ruckus Streetwear Clothing Co.

Welcome to Industry Threadworks' new blog series – Behind the Brand


As we have grown over the past several years, we have had many ringing endorsements from our clients as we have worked together to build not only our brand and business, but your brands and businesses as well!

It has been such a privilege to get to work with our clients and see them grow more and more into their potential with each passing month. In our new blog series, we wanted to highlight some of our clients who we think embodies the ITW partnership to the core, and are excited about the continued partnership and growth.

 This month, we wanted to highlight a local brand here in San Diego, Ruckus Streetwear Clothing Company. Ruckus is an established apparel brand with products ranging from T-shirts to hoodies, headwear, accessories, and everything in between for both men and women. Their mission is to remind ourselves’ every now and again to go on an adventure, and to quite literally “Bring the Ruckus” to everything you do in life.



The origin of Ruckus is an interesting one. When we asked them how they came up for the idea for their brand, their response was: “Ruckus Company actually started as ‘Driftflix.’ Drifting is one of the fastest growing motorsport industries and we saw a gap in their streetwear scene. We attended drifting events and noticed that die-hard drifters were still wearing Vans or Brixton shirts, so we decided to start a brand that would allow for them to show off their passion and their style. When Covid hit, we thought it was an opportune time to rebrand and create something that would speak to anyone with that "bring the ruckus" attitude, not just the drifting community. Ruckus Company is now a brand for the adrenaline junkie, chaos-maker and anyone who knows life is too short to play it safe.”


Fitting to their company motto, Ruckus has been quite the positive adventure for both Ruckus and Industry Threadworks, as in the last 12 months we have worked together on tens of thousands of apparel items and accessories together, with many more coming out in the future. We work closely with Johnny and Katherine Weiss, and we have seen how effective they both are at marketing their brand, and creating a lifestyle, not just a clothing brand. Their vision is “designed to disrupt the status quo, which involves taking risks and dipping into the wild side of things.”


From best-selling designs like The Reaper and Viva La Ruckus, to newly collaborated designs like Street Wolf and 808, our Brand Management and Production Teams have always enjoyed working with Ruckus. Seeing them grow with every new design and production of new merchandise brings excitement to everyone here at ITW. They have not been afraid to be risk-takers and create “A lifestyle of taking risks and betting on yourself”, and we have seen time and time again that Ruckus is one to follow when they bet on themselves!

Their brand represents “A lifestyle built for chaos” for their customer, but it could not be more opposite in the partnership we have built on the foundations of transparency, effective communication, and growth together. Everyone on their staff is a pleasure to work with, and we have always worked together to solve any problem that may arise with a solution that is beneficial for all. We are proud to shine some light on their brand for this month’s series.

ITW looks forward to our continued partnership as we “Pursue our passions and disrupt the status quo” right alongside with Ruckus.


Bring the Ruckus. 🤘🏼


For more on this awesome brand, visit the Ruckus website at or the Ruckus Instagram at @ruckuscompany.



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