Thinking of starting a clothing line? It's easy to do, but it's surprisingly difficult to do well. Before you jump into it, you should be aware it's more challenging to make money in the long term than you may initially think. 

That's where tapping into previous experience pays off. Having the right person guiding you through the process can save a bundle of time and expense, accelerating your growth and maximizing profits.

It's not uncommon for our clients to double, triple, or even 10x their businesses while working with us. One of our clients went from $80k in annual sales to $1.6M in just 14 months.


Some things we typically go over in meetings:

Benefits of LLC vs S Corp

Brand name selection, how to choose it, how important is it

What kind of trademark you need, what kind you don’t

Best platforms to buy domain name, set up website, and run fulfillment

Which blank sell best in which markets

Colors and inks that fit best with your market

What is the standard sizing ratio for different markets 

How to forecast your ordering schedule

How to bootstrap minimum investment into high returns

How to grow your instagram following and convert it to brand growth & sales


There’s a LOT of info to go over, and each item listed above can save you thousands of dollars your first year alone. 

One of the first things I tell my clients is not to spend money on things that don’t make them money. Our consulting fees are not cheap, but I can guarantee that what you spend with us, will save you many times that amount later.


Phone consultation: $400/hour

1 day of unlimited text (8am - 10pm): $300

In person meeting: $800/hour


BEFORE deciding to book a consulting time with us, please check out our FREE blog and YouTube channel, where we give away a lot of information at no cost. You may find your answers there for a lot cheaper.