Behind The Brand: WildBear Life

Behind The Brand: WildBear Life

As you know, Industry Threadworks is incredibly well diverse in what we can offer our clients, but what makes us successful is what the clients provide us! Without them, we wouldn’t be able to scale to the size we are now. We get to learn so much throughout the relationship about them, their brand, the story behind it all, and even gain various business perspectives.

We took on an excellent client a few months ago, WildBear Life, and we have had a great experience working together with them on several different things. WildBear Life is a young apparel brand that originated in Jackson, Wyoming, created by Kevin Kuhn and his wife Taryn. They wanted to make “high quality, comfortable, and good-looking apparel” that is diverse enough to wear to the gym or even for adventuring outside. Their goal was to look good while doing anything with simple designs and quality materials.

When Kevin reached out to us to do his apparel production and fulfillment, we knew it would be a perfect fit. He was matched up with our Brand Manager, Pablo, to work together to create precisely what they were looking for! After doing their research, Kevin stated that they “selected ITW not only because of the reputation and breadth/depth of experience but the calm and confident direction we received from the beginning. We had talked to other potential partners, but none made us feel comfortable with the ability to execute the way ITW did.” 

According to Pablo, Kevin has been great to work with! He is very communicative, cooperative and is always looking to help out in any way he can throughout the process. Kevin is always extremely thorough in how he runs his business and goes above and beyond to provide Pablo with spreadsheets and catalogs of every up-and-coming design or apparel idea, even a couple months ahead. He understands the importance of a strong relationship between the two of them and the power of good communication.

In addition to doing their screen printing and fulfillment, we have had the opportunity to collaborate and work together on coming up with a social media content strategy for them, which is always an excellent opportunity for both of us. Working together with other entrepreneurs on different aspects of creating a business is a great way for us both to continue learning more and more every day. 

WildBear Life’s mission is “to provide the inspiration, drive, and apparel to every person who refuses to accept average in any aspect of life.” After working with Kevin for the past few months, Pablo can easily say that they are successfully following their mission every day through their designs and overall brand message. Working with Kevin and watching their brand grow has been a great experience for us. Not only that, but their apparel and designs they have created are something that the whole team at ITW has loved. They have various items from shirts and sweatshirts to hats and beanies, and each one shows their high quality and simple designs.

Thank you to Kevin and WildBear Life for being a great asset to us and being so great to work with! Check out their website to learn more about their story and their different product offerings!

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