From screen printing and fulfillment to content creation and product development, Industry Threadworks exists as a one-stop shop to help companies scale and expand

If you're looking to grow, our team is happy to help. If you're looking to diversify your product offerings, our team has a global network of resources. Even if you're just looking to change manufacturers or stock up on company merchandise, we're here for you.

The link below will connect you with our team of Brand Managers to find the best fit for your company and services you're looking for!


  • Screen printing is where we started, and we're confident in the consistent quality we deliver, but we've also built out a multitude of other capabilities we're proud to offer. From printed or embroidered apparel and accessories to custom built and sourced products, we can produce the apparel and products you've been looking for.


    Start to finish, you can have full customization over the products --- branded neck labels in shirts, special inks and dyes, and even fully custom packaging. Whether it be inventory for a store, promotional merchandise for a company, or fully built event kits, we have done it all and are more than happy to do it all for other clients.


Fulfillment is one of those things that seem straightforward, but is anything but. Fortunately, we have the experience and have dealt with all the details that come with receiving inventory, organizing orders, and shipping out packages in a timely manner. Additionally, we offer customer service packages to field questions, comments, returns or exchanges all under one roof.

With a large 3PL warehouse space, our operations integrate with any e-commerce platform. No matter what stage of fulfillment your business is at, we're happy to work with you! We fulfill for clients that used to send orders out from their garage, those that have switched warehouses, and those who are new to having inventory in a warehouse.

Also, every component of fulfillment is curated to your business. We offer personalized packaging, handwritten notes, custom pack-ins, and more. We know that staying on brand is important, so we also make it a point to answer customer service inquires in the voice of the brand!

Regarding COVID-19: We are still OPEN and operational, while adhering to all CDC, WHO, Federal, and State guidelines. We're

still taking on new clients as well and are looking forward to hearing from you!